“Build” by Tony Fadell – Book notes

I really adore this book. It’s now in my top 3 favorite business books. I figured I’d share the bits that stood out to me while reading this book below: Learning Humans learn through productive struggle, by trying it themselves and screwing up and doing it differently next time. Work You should never kill yourself […]

Everything I Wish I knew About Stock Options 15 Years Ago

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood Disclaimer: I’m a designer. I’m not an accountant or a lawyer. When it comes to stock options, if you’re not careful you can end up in a mess tax-wise. Be sure to consult with an accountant and a lawyer before considering any of the scenarios below. Slow your roll… You just […]

Clever Onboarding Video

This week my exploration took me to the onboarding flow for Asana. Once you sign up and confirm your email you hit this screen: Note: I clicked play for this animated gif, but the video actually auto plays normally. I thought this was clever for a couple of reasons: First, the video auto plays but […]

Principles, People, Product, Profit

What do you value most in your business, or in the company you work for? My priorities are clear: 1) Principles 2) People 3) Product 4) Profit In that order… every time. 1. Principles These are the foundation. Principles can be hard to define, but once you have them, they can serve as guard rails […]

Interesting Alternative to Freemium Pricing

I’m always on the lookout for interesting business models. One that caught my recently was from a company called Quip. The app is interesting. Seems like there’s overlap with Google Apps, and companies like AirTable. What caught my eye though was their pricing: Basically it’s 5 users for a flat $30, then $10 for each […]

Gym of the future – Startup idea

I’d love to see someone get creative and disrupt the gym industry. It currently feels so stale. There doesn’t seem to be any creativity or innovation at all. The Market With a quick Google search I saw varied reports of the gym market being a $21.8 billion market, all the way up to it being […]