Interesting Alternative to Freemium Pricing

I’m always on the lookout for interesting business models. One that caught my recently was from a company called Quip.

The app is interesting. Seems like there’s overlap with Google Apps, and companies like AirTable.

What caught my eye though was their pricing:

Quip Pricing

Basically it’s 5 users for a flat $30, then $10 for each additional user. For whatever reason, this approach to pricing resonated with me. It’s reminiscent of Jira’s pricing, which I’ve always admired:

Jira Pricing

I love the idea of just getting people in the door at a lower price, allowing them to stay at that price forever if they don’t continue expanding, but then capturing additional value as a company continues to grow.

If I were launching a SaaS product, I would probably test this route before experimenting with a freemium model.