Finding Balance

Between having a young family, working a full-time job, serving at church, and side projects, my life can feel pretty hectic at times. Finding balance in life is a constant obsession of mine.

My ultimate goal is to live a boring, perfectly scheduled, monotonous life. Turns out, that’s harder than it sounds… 😛

There are 5 areas that I care about maintaining balance in:

This is always fluctuating, but if I dissect each of these areas at any one moment in time, I can get a good feel for where I stand.

So, how would I rate each area on a scale from 0-5 (0 being terrible, 5 being healthy & strong)?

Today, my overall health looks like this:

  • My Family: 3
  • My Physical Health: 1
  • My Spiritual health: 3
  • My Work: 5
  • My Side Projects: 2

There’s lot’s of room for improvement there.

Now what can I do about it?

I’ll do my best to outline what constitutes a 5 in each of these areas.

It’s worth acknowledging that I’m naturally tough on myself when it comes to rating my strengths and weaknesses.

My Family

  • No tech after 5pm. Period. Phone goes in a box. Laptop stays docked
  • Spend 30 min each night cleaning the house
  • Date night weekly
  • Talk with Liesl each night
  • Spend some quality time each day with each of my kids
  • Put kids to bed each night
  • Budget together with Liesl once a month
  • One on one date with each kid once a month

Physical Health

  • Shoot for max of 1750 calories per day
  • 15-30 min working out
  • 40 min walk each day

Spiritual Health

  • Regular nightly & morning prayers
  • Regular morning scripture study
  • Weekly family home evenings
  • Weekly church attendance
  • Regular temple attendance
  • Fasting once a month
  • Serving in my church calling


  • Able to stay above water
  • Able to connect with folks
  • Able to make an impact
  • Able to get a lot done each week
  • Able to set aside time for high level thinking
  • Able to execute on new things
  • Able to keep the brand/product strong

Side Projects

  • Wake early – work on side projects 2 hours each day – 6 days a week
  • Build things I wish existed in the world
  • Don’t stress about side projects needing to make money
  • Find joy in the work

Now it’s your turn

I’d love to hear your take, and learn from you. How do you measure balance in your life? What areas are important to you, and how would you rate yourself in those areas?


I don’t do comments on this site, but if you have thoughts, I’d love to hear them. You can email me at