P(AI)r Programming

tl;dr Follow along as ChatGPT and I 🍐 program to build a simple Gutenberg block that shows a random ice breaker question. Internally at Automattic, someone shared: For team meetings we often include ice breakers. It’d save a bit of time if we didn’t have to go search for an icebreaker list each time we create a post […]

Handy Tip for Creating Full Length Screenshots

There are a number of tools out there that specialize in creating full-length screenshots of a website, but did you know that you can also use Chrome’s Developer Tool to accomplish the same thing? Check it out, first pull up any website: Next, right click and select “Inspect”: Once the dev console is showing hold […]

Test Every Assumption

Let’s say I’m at work and we’re discussing a potential change that we’re thinking about making to our product (or even the marketing site). If the phrase “best practice” or “common knowledge” get’s tossed out, a little red flag always pops up in my head. “common knowledge” is just an unproven assumption It’s a mirage […]

Laravel + MongoDB (via mlab.com) locally

I’m working on a new side project called Howdy (I’ll be sharing more about this project in the coming months). A couple of the technical requirements that I set for this project were to learn some new technologies along the way. I’d never built anything with Laravel prior to this project. I had never used […]