Making it easy for users to proactively give you feedback

How easy is it for the users of your app to submit bug reports, or to offer up a suggestions? As someone who has a long history with tech, it’s relatively easy for me to grab a screenshot, or create an animated gif to pass along, but do all of your users find it this easy?

This week we’ll look at a couple of ways to make it easy for users to give you feedback at just the right time.

Make it easy for users to show you what they’re seeing

Here’s a really neat way that Google Domains allows you to send feedback within their app.

If you head to the registration page, you should see this little “Send Feedback” link on the left hand side:

The first time I clicked it I expected to just see a simple form where I could enter some feedback, but Google has found a way to go above and beyond my original expectations. Check it out:

It’s cool that they give you an option to include a screenshot of the page you’re viewing, but what’s really cool is what happens when you click the thumbnail preview. Check this out:

They give you the ability to highlight anything on the page, or black out any portion of the page that has sensitive information. How cool is that!

Once you’re finished, you simply click “Done” and the screenshot that is attached to your feedback is updated with your changes.

What a neat way to collect feedback, or even support requests within your app!

Give users a way to share feedback with little effort

Another approach you might take is to just have a static form at the bottom of your page. Back in the day Kissmetrics did this really well:

The micro copy they used here is amazing.

What else?

What other approaches have you seen work in the past? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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