How painful is your app?

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to the Tim Ferris podcast. His guest during this episode was Tony Robbins.

As a result of this interview, I decided to read his book, “Awaken the Giant Within“. One of the underlying premises in this book is that all of our actions are ultimately driven by either:

  1. how painful something is, or
  2. how pleasurable something is

The goal of the book is to get individuals to change their behaviors. That said, it actually got me thinking about how these same principles apply to web and mobile applications. One line in the book stood out in particular:

Link pleasure to any behavior you want someone to repeat.

With this as a filter, it’s interesting to think about which apps you use repeatedly, and why. What have those apps done to create pleasure for you?

If you have an app of your own, it’s also interesting to think about how painful, or pleasurable of an experience you’ve created for your users, especially within your onboarding experience.

Questions to consider


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