Offscreen Magazine

The following is a tribute to one of the best publications that I've come across in years: Offscreen Magazine

If you're a maker (online or otherwise), please do yourself a favor...

Stop reading, and go order a starter pack.

I'm serious.

You will not regret it.

Not only will you be support a fellow maker (p.s. Offscreen is a one-man magazine - Kai Brach produces the entire thing himself), but I'm confident you'll discover (as I did) the degree to which Offscreen Magazine is nothing short of a masterpiece.

To top it off, this magazine is carefully curated and tasefully designed. Have a look:

Issues of this publication will never be reprinted. PDF's of older issues are not available (and they never will be). Once an issue sells out, it's gone. Back issues aren't available on eBay, or Amazon - no one in their right mind would sell these things. Each issue is a limited edition collectors item, hand-crafted for makers like you and me.

I urge you to head over and pick up a copy today.

You can thank me later.

That is all.


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