Vienna – Designer Meetup

Last week I attended an Automattic designer meetup in Vienna, Austria. Here are a few memories from the event:

Loop Team – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Last month my team at Automattic met up for a week in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Here are a few memories from the trip:

P(AI)r Programming

tl;dr Follow along as ChatGPT and I 🍐 program to build a simple Gutenberg block that shows a random ice breaker question. Internally at Automattic, someone shared: For team meetings we often include ice breakers. It’d save a bit of time if we didn’t have to go search for an icebreaker list each time we create a post […]

“Build” by Tony Fadell – Book notes

I really adore this book. It’s now in my top 3 favorite business books. I figured I’d share the bits that stood out to me while reading this book below: Learning Humans learn through productive struggle, by trying it themselves and screwing up and doing it differently next time. Work You should never kill yourself […]

This Is Me

I guess I’m not your typical CEO. I probably don’t talk like a CEO.  You won’t often find me dressing like a CEO.  Frankly, I don’t particularly care what title I have at work. I’m less concerned with titles and more interested in impact. The things that motivate me most are working alongside smart people, […]

“Powerful” notes

I highly recommend “Powerful” by Patty McCord as a very worthwhile read for anyone in leadership. Here are my notes from the book: Leadership Be ready at any moment to cast aside your plans, admit mistakes, and embrace a new course. People have power; Don’t take it away. A companies job isn’t to empower people; […]

Caution: Work fills the space you give it

For most of my career I’ve prided myself on being able to restrict my work schedule to just 40 hour per week. Most of my career I’ve been able to stick to this. I even co-wrote a blog post about it at one point. I took this past Monday off to have an extended weekend […]

Tiny House Inspiration

Over the years I’ve collected the following list of tiny houses that inspire me – in no particular order:

Coach Bill Campbell

I never met Bill Campbell. To be honest, I had never even heard about him until I heard Eric Schmidt speak his praises on the the Tim Ferris Podcast. I picked up a copy of Trillion Dollar Coach and I’m so very glad I did. This book is easily in the top 5 books I’ve […]

Japan, April 2019

Two weeks ago I travelled to Japan for the first time. I was there for 7 days. It was everything that I had hoped for. Below I’ll share a few select memories. Shibuya Crossing Roppongi Hills Mori Tower & Museum Akira in the Streets Vending Machines Capsule Hotel First Meal Cherry Blossoms Hie Shrine Pachinko […]