It’s so easy to be caught in the trap of keeping up appearances: The way you do your hair each morning The amount of time you spend putting on makeup The cost & style of your clothes/shoes/bag The car you drive The laptop you use at work The house you own The way your house […]

Be Gut Driven, But Data Informed

Many organizations are either all in on data driven design, or zealots about listening to their gut. It’s natural to feel polarized toward one side or the other. You already know from the title of this post where I stand. I believe pretty strongly that there’s a sweet spot, and I don’t think it lies […]

First Iterations Always Suck

And that’s okay… In fact, that’s the way it should be. There’s so much involved in designing a product. As the design lead on a project, you’re responsible for: The need to understand who’s using your product The need to understand what users are trying to do. The need to understand what scenarios the UI […]

Always Work on Side Projects

Finding your motivation Side projects fall in the same category as eating well, and excerise. We all know that these activities are good for us, but it can sometimes be hard to motivate ourselves to do them. There are lot’s of great reasons to work on side projects: Because you enjoy the process of building […]

Start Each Design from Scratch

Let’s say you’ve done a little research, you sit down at your computer, and you’re ready to start a new design. What’s the first thing you do? Well… If you’re like a lot designers you immediately head over to Dribbble or some other site for inspiration. Trust me, you don’t want outside inspiration at this […]

Reduce Time to Clarity

Time to clarity is the amount of time it takes you to establish a clear/confident picture in your mind of how to go about designing the best possible solution for your users. What activities can lead to clarity? Using a clear design process. Digging into analytics to try and discover existing insights. Chatting with happiness/support […]

Don’t Pay for Design School

You don’t need a degree to become a designer. I regularly receive pings from friends and family for advice on how to get started in a new design or front-end coding career. The emails usually read something along the lines of: Hey Dave, I was hoping I could hit you up for some advice. I’ve […]

I’ll Stay Indie, Thanks…

We all know the “Silicon Valley” siren call: IF: you quit your job, and start a company, AND you raise money (early & often), AND you prioritize the growth of your company over everything else in your life, AND you can hang onto the reins for 5-12 years… THEN: you’ll be rewarded with a Scrooge […]

My Origin Story

My name is Dave Martin. I’m a seasoned product designer. It all began as a hobby I started with HTML back in 1999. I never expected to make money from it, let alone make a career out of it. That turned into a side hustle In 2000, I was pulling down a whopping $7.50/hr working […]